Welcome on my website. First I want to explain the title of this site "Radoveden”. It is the Slovenian word for "curious". It a little hint to describe a bit the person, which I am. I like to learn how things work, for example how languages work. Slovenian is a Slavic language with three grammatical numbers instead of two (singular and plural) in most other languages. I am also interested in science, history, how people function in different cultures and circumstances, how the world is going on,... To many things to name.

During the years, the internet is playing a bigger role in our life. This is manifested in several ways. It is a source of knowledge and entertainment. It makes life easier and more pleasant. It brings people closer together. The world is becoming a village (at least for the people for which the internet is available). Having said that, I want to remark that the internet (and as a consequence the “real” world) is still divided into linguistic islands. I even have the impression it is getting more and more difficult to get contacts with people outside my english-and-dutch “realm”. Many people here talk about internet censorship in China, but how many people have a real chinese person between their internet-pals? There is even a tendency people speaking different languages are using different internet tools. Here in Belgium Google is the most used searching engine. Russian people mostly use Yandex. This site is designed - among other things - to try to break this language barrier. I believe that a network of friends from different countries and continents are a way forward to a better world of tomorrow.

Soon I will publish some articles with my ideas about certain things. Everyone is welcome to comment on them or even write their own article.

Anyhow, I hope that this site will be a pleasant experience for me and others.

Radoveden, April 16, 2010