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In the underlying chapters I will often mention news facts from around the world. Often this is important and astonishing news, which we don't find in the traditional main stream media. Some journalists and other people do efforts to explain this situation.

David Cromwell and David Edwards explain the anger directed at surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden and tell us there is plenty to be said about living under a giant system of government surveillance, but also why we can't expect the corporate media to explore the full extent of what it really all means in

Snowden, Surveillance And The Secret State

The classic Canadian documentary Manufacturing Consent based on the Noam Chomsky/Edward Herman book by the same name. Explores the propaganda model of the media.

David Edwards and David Cromwell established in 2001 Media Lens, a British media analysis website. This site describes how mainstream newspapers and broadcasters operate as a propaganda system for the elite interests that dominate modern society. An interesting article to start with is "A comparative review of flat earth news and newspeak" by Jonathan Cook, a British writer and a freelance journalist based in Nazareth, Israel, who writes about the Middle East, and more the conflict in Palestine/Israel. The truth about this conflict is one of victims of the bias of the mainstream media. Look here for a little example. Jonathan wrote also Lies about UN body imperil not just Assange and Guardian sinks into gutter on Corbyn – again (30/06/2016) on his blog.
You find more interesting reading about (the reporting about) Jeremey Corbyn in the London School of Economics and Political Science study Journalistic Representations of Jeremy Corbyn in the British Press - From "Watchdog" to "Attackdog"  by Dr Bart Cammaerts.
"Death Of A Bogeyman - The Corporate Media Bury Hugo Chávez" is a good example of the way Media Lens is working.
'Limited But Persuasive' Evidence - Syria, Sarin, Libya, Lies describes the effects of the continuous press manipulations around Iraq, Syria and Libya.
In the same context you can read Massacres That Matter - Part 1; 'Responsibility To Protect' In Egypt, Libya And Syria and Part 2: The Media Response On Egypt, Libya And Syria, as well ‘Damning Evidence’ Becomes ‘No Clear Evidence’: Much-Delayed Report On Congenital Birth Defects In Iraq.

FAIR - Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting is the USA counterpart of Media Lens, providing a critical examination of the major stories and exposing what the mainstream media might have missed in their coverage.
Read for instance Little Coverage of the Wrong Sort of Terror by Steve Rendall and Are People Who Shoot Down Passenger Planes 'War Criminals'–or 'Hard to Fault'? by Jim Naureckas.

MediaChannel is another American website helping us to make sense of the vast stream of information by providing background, context, and interpretation, focusing on the political, cultural, and social impacts of the media, large and small. It provides information from diverse perspectives that inspire debate, collaboration, action, and citizen engagement that facilitates a responsible media, knowing that nine transnational conglomerates dominate the global media and that multi-billion dollar deals are concentrating this power even further.
News Dissector Danny Schechter (1942-2015) was blogger-in-chief of from 1999 till 2010. You can watch "Remembering Danny Schechter, "The News Dissector": Pioneering Journalist, Filmmaker & Activist" on democracy now!

This all just to say it is important to look further than the information we get from the mainstream media. I only can repeat the closing sentences of the following video: "When you tear something out of context, you get a completely different picture. Another way of saying it: do not rely on just one source of information":