Other interesting journalists and political writers

Dan Kovalik is a human and labor rights lawyer living in Pittsburgh. He has been a peace activist throughout his life and has been deeply involved in the movement for peace and social justice in Colombia and Central America. Read for instance "The ICC, Colombia and U.S.-Sponsored Violence" and "Libya and the Human Rights Double Standard".

As a linguist Noam Chomsky is Institute Professor (retired) at MIT. As such he is described as the "father of modern linguistics". He is also well known as philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician and above all as political commentator and activist. He is the author of many books and articles on international affairs and social-political issues, and a long-time participant in activist movements.
A very good introduction to the political Chomsky:

The best place to start to explore the contributions of Chomsky is probably his own archive: chomsky.info: The Noam Chomsky Website. Chomsky is also active in the blogosphere (see https://zcomm.org/zspace/noamchomsky).  A search on Internet Archive gives also many interesting results: http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=chomsky
Noam Chomsky: "The Center Cannot Hold: Rekindling the Radical Imagination" (May 31, 2010) on Democracy Now!:

Professor Chomsky's Solidarity With Palestine at UN (14/10/2014):

Why you can not have a Capitalist Democracy? Noam Chomsky 5/10/2014:

There are also many wirtiting of, interviews with, etc.. on the American newssite Salon like Noam Chomsky, the Salon interview: Governments are power systems, trying to sustain power where Natasha Lennard interviews Noam at the end of 2013 about the passed year.
Further reading stuff:
- Chomsky Describes US Domestic Policy in Two Words: 'Pure Savagery' by Jacob Chamberlain (Common Dreams - January 9, 2014)
- Noam Chomsky on AlterNet
- Noam Chomsky on facebook


The best introduction to John Pilger (born 9 October 1939) is his own extensive website. He is a world-renowned journalist, author and documentary filmmaker, who began his career in 1958 in his homeland, Australia, before moving to London in the 1960s. He regards eye-witness as the essence of good journalism. He has been a foreign correspondent and a front-line war reporter, beginning with the Vietnam war in 1967. He is an impassioned critic of foreign military and economic adventures by Western governments.
"It is too easy," he says, "for Western journalists to see humanity in terms of its usefulness to 'our' interests and to follow government agendas that ordain good and bad tyrants, worthy and unworthy victims and present 'our' policies as always benign when the opposite is usually true. It's the journalist's job, first of all, to look in the mirror of his own society."
He believes a journalist also ought to be a guardian of the public memory and often quotes Milan Kundera: "The struggle of people against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting."
He publishes in The Guardian, New Statesman, The Independent, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Mail & Guardian (South Africa),Il Manifesto (Italiy) and many other papers and sites.
In the next video you see John speaking at Marxism 2012, organised by Socialist Alternative (Australia):

Some writings by John Pilger:
- Dance on Thatcher's grave, but remember there has been a coup in Britain
- Understanding the latest leaks is understanding the rise of a new fascism
- Forcing down the Bolivian president's plane was an act of piracy
- From Hiroshima to Syria, the enemy whose name we dare not speak
- Breaking the last taboo - Gaza and the threat of world war
- The siege of Julian Assange is a farce - a special investigation
- Why the rise of fascism is again the issue
- Provoking nuclear war by media
- This week the issue is not Trump. It is ourselves (17/01/2017)

Palestine is Still the Issue (2002), a documentary by John Pilger

John Pilger interview on RT (13/06/2014): On big politics, Western media spews propaganda

War by media and the triumph of propaganda. John Pilger at the Logan Symposium (London) dec 5th, 2014 (text)

Andre Vltchek is novelist, filmmaker, investigative journalist, poet, playwright, and photographer, Andre has covered dozens of war zones and conflicts from Bosnia and Peru to Sri Lanka, DR Congo and Timor Leste. He is US-citizen, but was born in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), the Soviet Union, in 1963.
The documentary "Rwandan Gambit" is in its final stage of editing. It is a groundbreaking 150 minute documentary film about post-1994 Rwandan dictatorship and the genocide in neighboring Congo that took between 6-10 million lives. Read also the article "In the Heart of the DR Congo - The Most Brutal Genocide Money Can Buy" on this subject by him on the Counterpunch website. For teleSUR he wrote amongst other things "The Latest Piece Of Deadly Imperialist ‘Mosaic Of Terror’".
But there is much more to discover on the website of Andre.

On 28 October 2012, Greek reporter and editor Kostas Vaxevanis claimed to be in possession of the Lagarde list and published a document with 2,056 names in his magazine Hot Doc. The next day he was arrested for breaching privacy laws with possible sentences of up to two years in prison. Three days later in trial Vaxevanis was found not guilty, but he still faces a retrial.
The day before his arrest, he sent following video message:

On 3 April 2013, a video interview with Kostas appeared on the site of The Guardian under the title "Kostas Vaxevanis: Greeks read the foreign press to find out what's happening in Greece".
Finally on 27 november 2013 a judge declared there was nothing at all to charge Vaxevanis.

Michael Parenti is an internationally known award-winning author and lecturer. He is one of the leading progressive political analysts in the USA. His highly informative and entertaining books and talks have reached a wide range of audiences

Greg Palast earned his degree in finance at the University of Chicago studying under Milton Friedman and free-trade luminaries, At the beginning of the 1970s Palast went on to challenge their vision of a New Global Order, working for the United Steelworkers of America, the Enron workers' coalition in Latin America and consumer and environmental groups worldwide. Amongst other things he discovered many election frauds inside and outside the USA. Maybe it is interesting to visit his YouTube channel to have idea about the work of this journalist.

Tony Cartalucci is an American geopolitical researcher, analyst and writer based in Bangkok, Thailand. He maintains tree websites:
- The Land Destroyer Report: I discovered this site by the reading of "Argentina Unrest: Brought to you by Goldman Sachs", but there is of course much more interesting stuff on it.
- Alternative Thai News Network (AltThaiNews), which focuses on Thailand, Asia, and solutions involving self-sufficiency, education, and technological progress. AltThaiNews seeks to give an alternative platform for independent news and ideas.
- LocalOrg is a website focusing specifically on apolitical, pragmatic local solutions - for those who ask the question, "so what do we do about all of this?"

Nile Bowie and Eric Draitser are frequent contributors to The Land Destroyer Report. Nile is an American geopolitical analyst, photographer, and journalist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His work can be found on his blog. Eric is an American geopolitical analyst based in New York City. He produces the Stop Imerpialism podcast which is currently broadcast twice a week.

George Monbiot is a writer, known for his environmental and political activism. He lives in Wales and writes a weekly column for The Guardian. His best-known books are Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain (2000) and Bring on the Apocalypse: Six Arguments for Global Justice (2008).
In January 2010, he founded the ArrestBlair.org website which offers a reward to people attempting a peaceful citizen’s arrest of former British prime minister Tony Blair because of crimes against peace.
On his website, you can read many interesting stuff, like "Forbidden Planet" and "Bomb Everyone".

"Change in any direction, except further over the brink of market fundamentalism and planetary destruction, requires the defiance of almost the entire battery of salaried opinion."
George Monbiot in How the media shafted the people of Scotland (The Guardian 16 September 2014)

Neil Clark is a journalist, writer and broadcaster, based in the U.K. He is regular contributor to The Guardian and many other publications, He is strongly opposed to the neo-conservative war agenda and believes in the urgent necessity of a left-right anti-war coalition. On British domestic issues heI support re-nationalisation of the railways and public utilities (he is co-founder of The Campaign for Public Ownership), a new top rate of tax on the very wealthy, free care for the elderly, a free National Health Service including the restoration of NHS dentistry, and protection of the Green Belt and the countryside.
You can read Why We Can't Afford a Privatised Railway by Neil on the site of The Huffington post - United Kingdom.
I'm confused, can anyone help me? was also published on RT.
On the Sputnik news site you find amongst other things The Top Ten Under-Reported News Stories of 2016.

Omar Robert Hamilton is an independent filmmaker, producer of the Palestine Festival of Literature and a founding member of the Mosireen Collective in Cairo.
Since 2011 he has made dozens of short documentaries on the Egyptian Revolution, helping to make Mosireen the most watched non-profit YouTube channel in Egypt of all time. His third fiction short, Though I Know the River is Dry, premiered in competition at Rotterdam where it won the Prix UIP and is currently nominated for Best Short Film at the 2013 European Film Awards.
His films have appeared on the BBC, al Jazeera and ONTV; his articles in the Guardian, the BBC and Jadaliyya and his photographs in the Guardian, the Economist, al Shorouq and the Daily Beast.

Eric Draitser is an independent geopolitical analyst based in New York City and the founder of StopImperialism.com. He is a regular contributor to Russia Today, Counterpunch, the Center for Research on Globalization, Press TV, and many other news outlets. Draitser also produces the 'Stop Imperialism' podcast available on iTunes and StopImperialism.com. Read for instance his Debunking the “U.S. Government Assessment of the Syrian Government’s Use of Chemical Weapons on August 21, 2013”.

Owen Jones is an activist and commentator. In 2011 Jones published his first book, Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class, which investigates the myth and reality of working-class life in contemporary Britain. His second book The Establishment - And How They Get Away with It was published in 2014. It explains us how power and money have made British politics hugely undemocratic.
Owen writes or wrote columns for the Guardian, the New Statesman and The Independent newspaper. Older stuff of him you can find at the archive of jonesblog. You find more recent blogging in Owen Jones' ramblings.
Owen Jones talks: his Youtube channel
Owen Jone on twitter

Dahr Jamail: "Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq"

This show was on Democracy Now! on 15 october 2007. As well Dahr Jamail himself as his first book are introduced here. For more information about the books, he has written, you can consult his website.

In late 2003, Dahr Jamail was weary of the overall failure of the US media to accurately report on the realities of the war in Iraq for the Iraqi people and US soldiers. So he went to the Middle East to report on the war himself.
Since then, he has become world renowned for documenting the human cost of the Iraq war: the everyday violence and terror, the deterioration of the healthcare system, the shortages of clean water and the resulting rise in sickness, the lack of jobs and economic opportunity, the refugee crisis, and the detention and torture of civilians and resistance fighters. Through his uncompromised reporting and news photos, Dahr reveals a map of Iraq’s misery and resistance, politics and everyday survival in the face of overwhelming military destruction. His website offers a forum where readers discover realities of the war not found in the conventional press.
Dahr has spent a total of nine months in occupied Iraq as one of only a few independent US journalists in the country. Dahr has also has reported from Syria, Lebanon and Jordan,. He has also reported extensively on veterans’ resistance against the war. Dahr uses the dahrjamail.net website and his popular mailing list to disseminate his dispatches.
Dahr is now based in Doha, Qatar working as an Online News Producer for Al Jazeera English. His stories have also been published with Inter Press Service, Truthout, The Nation, The Sunday Herald in Scotland, the Guardian, Foreign Policy in Focus, Le Monde Diplomatique and the Independent to name just a few.  Dahr has reported for Democracy Now! and Al-Jazeera, and has appeared on the BBC and NPR, and numerous other stations around the globe.
Dahr is also very concerned about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the consequences of it. Read for instance Gulf ecosystem in crisis after BP spill about this.

David Cronin is an Irish journalist and writer living in Brussels. His articles are published in The Electronic Intifada, New Europe, EUobserver, Middle East Eye and his own excellent blog. Till 2010 he was working for IPS, The Guardian and – of course – many other newspapers.
David wrote together with Sarah Marusek and David Miller The Israel Lobby and the European Union (May 2016 - 106 pages)
David wrote two books: Europe’s Alliance with Israel - Aiding the Occupation (2010) and Corporate Europe: How Big Business Sets Policies on Food, Climate and War (2013), a book everybody who can vote for the European Parliament should read.
In the following video you see a talk of  David at the occasion of the publishing of his first book:

David Cronin op facebook
David Cronin op twitter

Tim Jackson

Max Blumenthal is an American author, journalist, and blogger. Max is also active on YouTube.
In 2009 he wrote "Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement That Shattered the Party" about the "christian" and the radical right taking over the republican party in the USA. He talks about it here:

It is also interesting to read the Q&A with Max Blumenthal about this book in the Los Angeles Times.

In the same year Max Blumenthal posted a short video on YouTube titled "Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem on the Eve of Obama's Cairo Address". The video was a montage of footage of drunken Jewish-American youth in Jerusalem in June 2009, shortly before Obama's Cairo address. It is full of expletives and racist rhetoric about Barack Obama and Arabs, including referring to Obama as a nigger and suggesting that he is "like a terrorist". Of course this video was banned from YouTube (like more videos about the "Israel" problem. We rightly can blame an active campaign by right-wing Jewish elements to suppress such videos by filing a flood of complaints with Youtube. But is YouTube or Google as "neutral" as they pretend to be? (read YouTube removes Blumenthal video about this)
The video was also banned by Vimeo and the Huffington Post, but later it was published on Vimeo again without problems:

... and banned again. But you can still can also watch this video on LiveLeak. Blumenthal stated he received death threats for his publication of the video.

Journalist Max Blumenthal’s latest book is titled "Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel". I suggest Inside Israel’s Apartheid State - An Interview with Max Blumenthal by Joshua Frank on CounterPunch as introduction to this book.
Interview of Max Blumenthal by Paul Jay on TheRealNews about this book:

Watch also the lengthy (1h21) introduction of Max Blumenthal to his latest book (C-SPAN VIDEO).

Lawrence Wilkerson is a retired United States Army soldier and former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. Wilkerson is now an adjunct professor at the College of William & Mary where he teaches courses on US national security. He also instructs a senior seminar in the Honors Department at the George Washington University entitled "National Security Decision Making." He is a remarkable man because nowadays he is a staunch opponent of the USA foreign policy now and in the past.
There are many interviews with him on TheRealNews. Very interesting is the extended interview he gave under the title Who Makes US Foreign Policy? in the Reality Asserts Itself series.
In Snowden: Sympton or Disease? Wilkerson claims that the never-ending culture of war breeds an ever-growing draconian government, which will pressure more whistleblowers to come forward to stop tyranny:

Source and transcript: Snowden: Symptom or Disease? (the real news - 16/07/2013)

He also wrote a Huffington Post blog, titled Empire's Age-Old Aim: Wealth and Power after which he was interviewed in Huffpost live:

Karel van Wolferen is a Dutch journalist, who spend a big part of his life in Japan. His most famous book is The Enigma of Japanese Power (1989). He is currently engaged in writing a book for simultaneous publication in Europe on the consequences of current American foreign policy, and the necessary formation of a collective European political voice for the preservation of stable and peaceful world order. Their is many interesting stuff to read on his site, like for instance The Ukraine, Corrupted Journalism, and the Atlanticist Faith (9Aug 2014) and The Insidious Power of Propaganda (02 Sept 2014).

Informed Comment - Thoughts on the Middle East, History and Religion - is the well informed blog of Juan Cole, a history professor  at the University of Michigan. For three decades, he has sought to put the relationship of the West and the Muslim world in historical context.

Slavoj Žižek is a Slovenian Marxist philosopher, writing on different topics, including political theory, film theory, cultural studies, theology, and psychoanalysis. "The International Journal of Žižek Studies" (IJŽS) is an online, peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to investigating, elaborating, and critiquing the work of Slavoj Žižek. Here we go for a sample of his many interesting writings and talkings:
  - Slavoj Žižek's articles in Lacanian dot com
  - Slavoj Žižek Archive at Mideastdilemma.com
  - Slavoj Žižek in London Review of Books
  - Slavoj Žižek in The Guardian
  - Slavoj Žižek in libcom.org, a libertarian communist site
  - Slavoj Žižek on videolectures.net with for instance Radical Thinking about the Future of Europe (video 97 min. recorded in 2009 in Bled, Slovenia)
  - Slavoj Žižek at Backdoor Broadcasting Company. Some examples: Notes towards a Definition of Communist Culture (a master class of 10 hours - june 2009) and Apocalyptic Times (a public lecture given at the Birkbeck Institue for Humanities (London University) on 24 November 2009 -114 minutes)
  - Slavoj Žižek on the site of Verso Books, publisher of his books
See also his biography on the site of the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland and his entrance on the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities of the University of London.
There are many interesting shorter interviews with Slavoj Žižek on the internet like this one by Jonathan Derbyshire for the British New Statesman. This blog about Iran is also interesting. He is also the very last in the alphabet of the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
There is also some stuff of Slavoj Žižek on the Marxists Internet Archive (MIA)

Paul Mason is a journalist, novelist and film-maker based in London, UK.  He is the author of several books, his latest is Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future. He is economics editor at Channel 4 News and writes a weekly column in The Guardian. In 2015 he produced, with director Theopi Skarlatos, the documentary #ThisIsACoup - the story of Syriza's clash with the global finance system (6 parts):

Paul Mason on YouTube, facebook, twitter and Medium

Jan Blommaert is a Belgian sociolinguist and linguistic anthropologist, Professor of Language, Culture and Globalization and Director of the Babylon Center at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. He is considered to be one of the world's most prominent sociolinguists and linguistic anthropologists, and has contributed substantially to sociolinguistic globalization theory, focusing on historical as well as contemporary patterns of the spread of languages and forms of literacy, and on lasting and new forms of inequality emerging from globalization processes:

Let's consider crtl+alt+dem as his English language website (he is a very important academic locally here, so I wrote already a lot about him in dutch).

Mawuna Remarque Koutonin is editor of Silicon Afrika. He is a world peace activist striving to empower people to express their full potential and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background. An interesting article of him is 14 African Countries Forced by France to Pay Colonial Tax For the Benefits of Slavery and Colonization.