Other sources

Carbon Majors” refers to a groundbreaking peer-reviewed study published in the scientific journal Climatic Change. The study’s published title is “Tracing anthropogenic carbon dioxide and methane emissions to fossil fuel and cement producers, 1854-2010.”

A visit to the Global Carbon Atlas is also worthwhile.


ROAR Magazine, or Reflections on a Revolution, is an online journal of the radical imagination providing grassroots perspectives from the front-lines of the global struggle for real democracy. It aims to bring you some of the world’s most inspiring news, stories, analysis, ideas, actions, books, poems, tunes, photos, videos and doodles from the front-lines of the Real Democracy Movement.
ROAR was founded in 2010 by writer, activist and filmmaker Jérôme Roos as an independent media project that seeks to contribute to the ongoing wave of global uprisings by freely sharing information and breathing inspiration into the Creative Commons.
It is edited by a transnational collective of citizen journalists, scholar-activists and independent filmmakers based in Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berkeley, Florence, Istanbul and Quito. Our contributions come from volunteers around the world.
Read for instance Podemos: the political upstart taking Spain by force by Carlos Delclós and The refugee crisis: beware the drums of war by Jelle Bruinsma.
Jerome Roos publishes also in teleSUR English.

I need to mention also the many interesting reports, published by organisation like Oxfam and Greenpeace, like:
- AN ECONOMY FOR THE 99% - It's time to build a human economy that benefits everyone, not just the privileged few (Oxfam - January 2017) in which it is explained that eight men now own the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the world.
- Dirty bankers - how HSBC is financing fores destruction for palm oil (greenpeace - January 2017).
- The Environmental Risks of Neonicotinoid Pesticides: a review of the evidence post-2013 (greenpeace - January 2017). Meest gekend product van dit soort in België is Roundup (Monsanto).


Pambazuka News - Pan-african voices for freedom and justice is produced and published by Fahamu - Networks For Social Justice. ‘Pambazuka’ in Kiswahili means the dawn or to arise as a verb. Pambazuka News is produced by a pan-African community of some 2,600 citizens and organisations - academics, policy makers, social activists, women's organisations, civil society organisations, writers, artists, poets, bloggers, and commentators who together produce insightful, sharp and thoughtful analyses and make it one of the largest and most innovative and influential web forums for social justice in Africa.
Read for instance "A new era for the African Union" by Jakkie Cilliers and Jide Martyns Okeke and "The South challenges globalization" by the famous Samir Amin.
More interesting stuff:
- French complicity in the crisis in Central African Republic by Antoine Roger Lokongo

Think Africa Press is an online magazine that looks beyond the surface of global African news coverage by bringing together writers from across Africa with international experts, and covering a wide range of topics – from politics to the development to culture – Think Africa Press aims to provide engaging articles and essays that provide greater depth, context and analysis to standard news coverage. On their site, they say to be proud to be part of the Guardian Africa network.
Read for instance 'How Canada Dominates African Mining" by Travis Lupick, a freelance journalist currently living in Monrovia, Liberia. His work has appeared in al Jazeera English, the Africa Report magazine, and Canada's Toronto Star.

African Arguments is partner of the Guardian Africa Network. Its goal is to bring debate on the most important African topics to a wider audience. Leading public intellectuals— writers, scholars, activists— contribute regular columns. The site supports blogs on many different topics.
An interesting article you can read here is "Rwanda in Congo: Sixteen Years of Intervention" by William Macpherson, a freelance writer based in London. He is predominantly interested in African politics, particularly in the Central African region. Also interesting is What is ‘tribalism’ and why does is matter in South Sudan? by Andreas Hirblinger and Sara de Simone
The writings of Kris Berwouts about the DR Congo and Rwanda are also worthwhile.


Asia Times Online is one of Asia's most popular news sites. Read for instance "A wider war looms in Myanmar" by Bertil Lintner.

Middle East

Al-Monitor brings together top journalists from across the Middle East, including Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Turkey. They provide also daily translations from 20 major news organizations in the region. Read for instance Who is the National Association for Change in Egypt? by Ahmed Fouad.

In 2006 Beirut-based Al-Akhbar was launched by prominent Lebanese journalist Joseph Samaha and a team of like-minded colleagues. The late Samaha (1949-2007) envisioned a publication that would uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity while remaining true to the principles of anti-imperialist struggle, progressive politics, and freedom of expression. Five years later the English edition also aimed to make debates and analyses circulating in the Arabic media sphere accessible to English speakers worldwide. Read for instance “The Roads of Damascus”: How the Elysee manipulated chemical weapons reports by Sabah Ayoub


Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) is a research and campaign group working to expose and challenge the privileged access and influence enjoyed by corporations and their lobby groups in EU policy making. There is much interesting reading on this site like Leaked European Commission PR strategy: "Communicating on TTIP" and The fire power of the financial lobby - A survey of the size of the financial lobby at the EU level with a report in attachment.
Take also a look at Corporate influence & the UN climate summit in Paris with Lobby Planet Paris - a guide to corporate COP21 and read how transatlantic regulatory cooperation under TTIP will allow bureaucrats and big business to attack the public interest in Dangerous Regulatory Duet (with report in attach 18/01/2016)
LobbyFacts is a joint project of Corporate Europe Observatory and LobbyControl, aiming to increase awareness about lobbying influence in the EU

EUobserver is an independent online newspaper covering the politics of the European Union (EU). It focuses on human rights, civil liberties, transparency, anti-corruption, digital rights, critical environmentalism and the democratization of the European Union. It also publishes comment pieces and blogs reflecting opinion from across the political spectrum.
Some interesting reading: EU 'civilian' mission training paramilitaries in Libya by Andrew Rettman, Troika consultancies: A multi-million euro business beyond scrutiny by Valentina Pop and Only a third of Europe's e-waste is recycled by Peter Teffer.

Latin America

Latin America in movement is the title of the site of the latin american information agency (ALAI - Agencia Latinoamericana de Información). ALAI  is committed to the full observance of human rights, gender equality and citizen participation in public and business development in Latin America. Its action is part of the struggle for the democratization of communication, as a basic condition of democratic life and social justice.


Green Left Weekly was launched in 1990 by progressive activists to present the views excluded by the big business media and is now Australia's leading source of local, national and international news, analysis, and discussion and debate to strengthen the anti-capitalist movements.
Read for instance Ecuador: Media lies about Correa's free-speech record by Christian Tym


Front Line Defenders - Human right defenders in Bahrain brings you information from this often forgotten country..


Reel News is an activist video collective, set up to publicise and share information on inspirational campaigns and struggles – not just in Britain, but across the world. They have also a YouTube channel and I mentioned them here because one of their most shared video.

New Left Project is a space for radical comment and analysis on the British Left. NLP regularly hosts debates, guest blogs and original analysis from a wide variety of commentators and activists. They are also active on facebook and twitter.
One of the collaborators of New Left Project is Rhian E. Jones. You can get to know her better through her interesting blog Velvet Coalmine.


The People's Daily is a daily newspaper in the People's Republic of China. The paper is an organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC),
The Global Times is a daily Chinese paper under the auspices of the People's Daily newspaper, focusing on international issues. Opposite to the Chinese version, the English language version reports more on China's domestic events, like this article on China's wealth gap. and "Django unclothed does less harm to audiences than screeners’ whims" about China's film censorship after the pulling from theaters in China of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained in april 2013.
The Xinhua News Agency is the state press agency of the People's Republic of China. Thanks to the dutch language newsite DeWereldMorgen.be I discovered this interesting article about a railway strike in South Korea: End of S. Korea's long-drawn-out railway strikes in sight
The authorized government portal site to China, China.org.cn is published under the auspices of the State Council Information Office and the China International Publishing Group (CIPG) in Beijing. It offers broad access to up-to-date news about China, with searchable texts of government position papers and a wealth of basic information about Chinese history, politics, economics and culture.
CCTV (China Central Television)
South China Morning Post is a popular English language newspaper in Hong Kong. Editor-in-Chief Wang Xiangwei is criticised because of his pro-Beijing sentiments.


Steven Mather is a British journalist based in Colombia. He is about to launch Frontlinecolombia.com, a new website/blog for news and analysis of Colombia’s social confict. The site is still under construction, but you can already read Colombia anti-free trade strike brings gains for left there. Before he published Building Momentum - The Anti-Free Trade Strike in Colombia in counterpunch


Havana Times is an independent Cuban news site founded in 2008.


Mada Masr is an independent Egyptian online newspaper, founded in June 2013 by former journalists of the English-language newspaper Egypt Independent following the shutting down of its editorial operations in April 2013.
An english version of the website of the newspaper Al-masry Al-youm was introduced in 2009. This should  evolve into Egypt Independent, a weekly, 24-page newspaper,  in 2011.
In April 2013, the editorial team of Egypt Independent was informed by the management of Al-Masry Media Corporation that their print and online news operation will be shut down.. The editorial team decided to put together a closing edition, which would have been published on 25 April, “to explain the conditions under which a strong voice of independent and progressive journalism in Egypt is being terminated”. However, the management decided in the last minute to withhold the printing of the final edition, so the editorial team decided to publish it online.
Mada is the Arabic word for range, scope or span, but it’s also the spot where a stone is placed on a ring, a symbol of taking a position. Masr simply means Egypt.
Totalitarian democracy by Omar Robert Hamilton is an interesting article publised in Mada Masr.


acTVism Munich is an independent and non-profit global online media network that broadcasts regularly from Munich. Its goal is to surface those issues that are neglected by mainstream media through investigative journalism while remaining as objective as possible. In addition, to attain this goal, acTVism Munich lays great emphasis on arts and culture. In order to remain free of state and corporate influence, they rely on public donations.
In this speech, Glenn Greenwald reveals his experience with Edward Snowden and Laura Poitras in 2013 at Hong Kong before going public with the highly classified NSA documents:

Noam Chomsky on the Terror attacks in Paris, 13 November 2015:

acTVism Munich on YouTube


Since 2010 ThePressProject is an independent news outlet providing news and analysis for an international audience, with a commitment to investigative journalism. Amongst other things Nikolas Leontopoulos wrote here Who is the Guy representing you? about Guy Verhofstadt and his business interests.
This is the ΄Plan B΄ Submitted by Melenchon, Fassina, Konstantopoulou, Lafontaine and Varoufakis: these five European politicians published their Plan B about Europe on 12 September 2015. The document is a manifesto for the creation of a political movement on a pan-European level and a call for an international summit at the beginning of November 2015.

Keep Talking, Greece went online at the end of March 2010 amid worldwide speculations and expectations that Greece was going bankrupt, that Greece was about to exit the euro zone and that the citizens of the debt-ridden country were lazy and corrupt.
The blog came out of the need to share with international audience the debt-crisis aspect from the side of the “real” Greeks; their personal stories, comments, fears and anger about the hopeless situation they were taken in and confronted with.  The blog came to fill the gap between “Greek Spreads and CDS” and the real Greek people.
It brings hard news mostly from politics, economy and society, mostly garnished with a personal note and comment on the Greek reality.

AnalyzeGreece! reports from the frontline of a crisis in Greece. They highlight the resurgence of the far-right in Greece, while also scrutinizing increases in poverty and unemployment, the ebbing away of human rights, the marked shrinking of the public sphere as land and other publicly owned goods are sold off, the deepening of social exclusion and the explosion in inequality. These are among the symptoms of austerity politics of the 21st century, with ‘public debt’ used as a pretext for drastically restructuring Greek social life.
AnalyzeGreece! provides a link between Greek social movements and the people of the world. It is a joint project of Enthemata and Red Notebook. Enthemata is the Sunday supplement of Avgi - the daily newspaper of the Greek Left - devoted to critical analysis and political debate. Red Notebook is a leading website of the Greek Left offering analysis and commentary on contemporary events.

Site of the Prime Mininster of the Hellenic Republic, Alexis Tsipras


Press TV is the first Iranian international news network, broadcasting in English on a round-the-clock basis. Its headquarters is based in Teheran.


In a state of uncertainty: Impacts and implications of the use of depleted uranium in Iraq by IKV Pax Christi (Wim Zwijnenburg)


The Philippine Daily Inquirer is the most widely read broadsheet newspaper in the Philippines. Read for instance "Yolanda: the Messenger" by Walden Bello on the site of this paper.

South Africa

The Mail & Guardian Online was the first internet-based news publication in Africa. Launched in early 1994, it is one of South Africa's and Africa's major news publishers and is reputed internationally for its quality content. It is one of the country's top three biggest news sites, and continues to grow. It is owned by M&G Media, which publishes theMail & Guardian newspaper and is 87.5% owned by Newtrust Company Botswana Limited, owned by Zimbabwean publisher and entrepreneur Trevor Ncube. The newspaper has a longer history than the website. You can read more about it here.
Some interesting articles:
- "Mines asked to cough up as class action looms" by Ilham Rawoot
- "Six traffic post applicants die after fitness test"

The Daily Maverick is a South African daily online newspaper founded in 2009. It is run by an independent private company. In February 2011, the Daily Maverick team launched online newspaper for the African continent Free African Media. I liked "The Tripartite Alliance is an Anachronism" on Daily Maverick. Read also ‘Dear John’: The day I became an ‘anti-Semite’ by  Shaka Sisulu (05 Mar 2015)


The magazine and website Mother Jones, established in 1970, is named after Mary Harris Jones (1837 – 1930), an Irish-American trade union activist, opponent of child labor, who became a prominent labor and community organizer. She helped coordinate major strikes and cofounded the Industrial Workers of the World. She was also involved with the Socialist Party of America.
The stated mission of Mother Jones magazine is to produce revelatory journalism that in its power and reach informs and inspires a more just and democratic world.
In 2012, an election year in the USA. Mother Jones produced world news with SECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters.

ZCommunications is an U.S. based media group, founded in 1986. It advocates participatory socialism as a replacement for capitalism. It is a huge website with well-known authors like Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn (1922-2010), Amy Goodman, Tariq Ali, Naomi Klein, John Pilger, ... But there is much more interesting stuff on this site like Syriza Against the Machine by Tom Vouloumanos and Gates Unmasks the Real Face of Davos by Nick Dearden.

Truthout exposes systemic injustice and provides a platform for transformative ideas, through in-depth investigative reporting and critical analysis. With a powerful, independent voice, they want to provocate a revolution in consciousness and inspire the direct action that is necessary to save the planet and humanity. Truthout welcomes submissions from both well-known and beginning authors, video and audio reporters, photographers and artists, but regrets that they can only publish a small portion of these submissions. On this site Mike Stivers, student at the City University of New York, interviews Noam Chomsky in "Smoke and Mirrors, or Civil Liberties Under President Obama".
Another article, really going to the point, is Bradley Manning's Legal Duty to Expose War Crimes by Marjorie Cohn.
Read also Neoliberalism as Social Necrophilia: The Case of Greece by Panayota Gounari.

Creator of Thruthout, Marc Ash, launched in september 2009, Reader Supported News (RSN), another source of a lot of interesting information.

Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Look for instance at the interview of Vijay Prashad ater the killing of the US Ambassador in Libya in september 2012 after protesters stormed a consular building denouncing an American-made film insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

This is part of a more extended report with other guests you can see here on the Democract Now! site.
In october 2012 Democracy Now published a video of a talk by Noam Chomsky entitled "Who Owns the World?" This talk was deliverd in september 2012 at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst at an event sponsored by the Center for Popular Economics. Chomsky examined topics largely ignored or glossed over during the presidential campaign at that time: China, the Arab Spring, global warming, nuclear proliferation, and the military threat posed by Israel and the U.S. versus Iran. He reflects on the Cuban missile crisis, which took place 50 years ago at that time and is still referred to as "the most dangerous moment in human history."

You find the full transcript of this event here on the site of Democracy Now.
2 april 2012: The U.S.-backed monarchy in Bahrain continues the crackdown on protesters, with reports of many injuries and at least one death over the weekend. Democracy now speaks to Zainab Alkhawaja, the daughter of jailed human rights leader Abdulhadi Alkhawaja, who is now on the 54th day of his hunger strike. Doctors say her father could go into a coma at any point, and she has called on President Obama to pressure the government Bahrain, its strategic ally in the region, to secure his release. "With one word from the American government, my father would be released. I am sure of that," Alkhawaja says. "But right now, Americans are more — the American administration, not Americans, is more concerned with their interests than they are with human rights and the lives of Bahrainis and democracy in Bahrain." Zainab herself is an activist and has been detained in the past for protesting, most recently in February on the anniversary of the country’s pro-democracy movement. She reads a poem she wrote about her father while she was in jail called, "The Sultan Digs My Father’s Grave." We’re also joined by Nabeel Rajab, president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, who was just released from detention. A police statement said Rajab was detained on charges linked to "illegal" demonstrations. His lawyer says he may stand trial in the future.

About the current situation of Abdulhadi Alkhawaja you can read this page on Front Line Defenders - Human right defenders in Bahrain.
Democracy Now! following the death of Pete Seeger (1919-2014): "We Shall Overcome": Remembering Folk Icon, Activist Pete Seeger in His Own Words & Songs

More on Democracy Now!:
- "Cash for Kids": Firms Behind Juvenile Prison Bribes Reach $2.5 Million Settlement in Civil Suit
- Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz Hails New BRICS Bank Challenging U.S.-Dominated World Bank & IMF
- Israeli Journalist Amira Hass Sparks Furor at Home for Defending Palestinian Right to Resist
- Was Kansas Shooting Avoidable? White Supremacist was Ex-Informant with Criminal Past & Hateful Views
- Glenn Greenwald: Cruz, Trump, Clinton "Playing into the Hands" of ISIL After Brussels Bombings (24/3/2016)
- Democracy now on the Panama Leaks: Did Bernie Sanders Predict the Panama Papers When He Opposed Clinton-Backed U.S.-Panama Trade Deal? (5/4/2016)
- 39,000 Verizon Workers Mark Six Weeks on Strike in Biggest U.S. Labor Action in Years (25/5/2016) and Verizon Workers Declare Victory After 7-Week Strike (31/5/2016)
- Death, Abuse and Sexual Assault: The Horrific and Unregulated Private Prison Van Transport Business (11/07/2016). Read also the original story Private Prisoner Vans’ Long Road of Neglect by Eli Hager and Alysia Santo, a New York Times article produced in collaboration with The Marshall Project, a nonprofit news organization that focuses on criminal justice issues.
- Dec 06, 2016 special show 20 years democracy now! with Noam Chomsky, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, Juan Gonzalez, Patti Smith,...
- Bernie Sanders: Corporate Media is a Threat to Democracy (26/12/2016)
- Sudanese Stanford Ph.D. Student Speaks Out After Being Detained at JFK Under Trump Muslim Ban (30/01/2017)

In May 1949 Monthly Review began publication in New York City, as cold war hysteria gathered force in the United States. The first issue featured the lead article Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein. From the first Monthly Review spoke for socialism and against U.S. imperialism, and is still doing so today. It is connected with a daily web magazine, MRzine, featuring a broad range of articles, reviews and commentary.

Jacobin calls itself a leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture. There is a lot of interesting reading stuff here. Some examples:
- The Trouble with Dijsselbloem by Pepijn Brandon
- Noam Chomsky discusses ISIS, Israel, climate change, and the kind of world future generations may inherit in The World of Our Grandchildren
- In Dangerous Days Ahead are Alain Badiou and Stathis Kouvelakis in conversation on Syriza and whether a radical break from the eurozone is possible. (3/4/2015)
- Hillary Clinton may never be called to account for her role in Haiti’s ongoing political crisis. Nikolas Barry-Shaw explains the why and the how about this in Clinton’s Long Shadow (27/05/2016).

CLIMATE & CAPITALISM with as slogan "Ecosocialism or barbarism: There is no third way" is an ecosocialist journal, reflecting the viewpoint of environmental Marxism. It is in alliance with Monthly Review, sharing technical resources and exploring other ways to increase collaborations. Nevertheless, both organisations remain editorially independent.

In February 2013, Alexis Tsipras of the Greek left-wing party Syriza visited the U.S. on a campaign to counter his opponents' image of him as a wild-eyed radical and to share his vision of a more equitable, human-centered economy. At that occasion, Lynn Stuart Parramore interviewed him for Alternet under the title “Meet Alexis Tsipras, the Most Dangerous Man in Europe”.

AlterNet is a progressive activist news service. It publishes original content as well as journalism from a wide variety of other sources like  The Nation, The Huffington Post, Mother Jones, Truthdig, TomDispatch.com, Bill Moyers Journal, IPS News, The Guardian (UK) and the Center for Economic and Policy Research of Mark Weisbrot and Dean Baker.
On AlterNet you can also read under the title "The Other Side of Noam Chomsky's Brilliant Mind" an excerpt from the book "Power Systems" exploring Chomsky's contributions to the raging academic debate on linguistics and how children learn to speak.
There are also many stories by Alex Kane like Bradley Manning Trial Starts: 5 Things You Need to Know and 4 Reasons America's Still Funding the Egyptian Military As They Slaughter Their Own People.

Mark Weisbrot publishes also in the Guardian, Read for instance "Jean-Luc Mélenchon has what France needs. Sarkozy and Hollande do not",  "Argentina's critics are wrong again about renationalising oil" and "Will Congress act to stop US support for Honduras' death squad regime?" about the death squads of the regime in Honduras, which are funded by the Obama administration.
See also Mark Weisbrot in The Huffington Post
Read also "How Much Unemployment Was Caused by Reinhart and Rogoff's Arithmetic Mistake?" on  "Beat the press", the blog of Dean Baker on cepr, previous on The American prospect.
In 2011 Dean Baker wrote The End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive, which you can read for free in different e-book format.
The opinion of Dean Baker on Aljazeera America.
To come back on cepr, you'll find many interesting reports there like for instance "The Brazilian Economy in Transition: Macroeconomic Policy, Labor and Inequality" by Mark Weisbrot, Jake Johnston and Stephan Lefebvre

Black Agenda Report - News, information and analysis from the black left. Blogs of different people are brought together here. Read for instance How Not to “Bring Back our Girls” by Margaret Kimberley about the hundreds of Nigerian girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram. Amongst other things she wrote also Freedom Rider: Syria, Russia and American Desperation (21/12/2016). The author of those article has also a very interesting personal blog.

Tom Engelhardt launched Tomdispatch in November 2001 as an e-mail publication offering commentary and collected articles from the world press. In December 2002, it gained its name, became a project of The Nation Institute, and went online as "a regular antidote to the mainstream media." The site now features Tom Engelhardt's regular commentaries and the original work of authors ranging from Rebecca Solnit, Bill McKibben, and Mike Davis to Chalmers Johnson, Michael Klare, Adam Hochschild, Robert Lipsyte, and Elizabeth de la Vega. Nick Turse, who also writes for the site, is associate editor and research director.
Tomdispatch is intended to introduce readers to voices and perspectives from elsewhere (even when the elsewhere is here). Its mission is to connect some of the global dots regularly left unconnected by the mainstream media and to offer a clearer sense of how this imperial globe of ours actually works.
Read for instance The Fate of the Gaza Ceasefire by Noam Chomsky (9/9/2014) and A Rape a Minute, a Thousand Corpses a Year by Rebecca Solnit on this site.

Common Dreams is a non-profit independent newscenter created in 1997 as a new media model. It is kept to move forward by tens of thousands of small donations  by its readers. So it maintains an editorial independence. It defines its mission as: “To inform. To inspire. To ignite change for the common good.”.
On this site you find - amongst many other things - the video and full transcript of Julian Assange’s address to UN delegates on Wednesday, September 26, 2012. The Ecuadorian delegation offered him a part of their time to speak for it.
You can also read What the Assault on Whistleblowers Has to Do With War on Syria by Norman Solomon on this site.
'It Is Time for Reform': Thousands Rally to End Government Spying is about the Rally Against Mass Surveillance and other demonstrations against NSA intrusion with a statement of Edward Snowden.
Furthermore there is "Legacy of Chemical Weapons in Iraq Compounds Lies and Failures of US Invasion" and much, much more. Will France Repeat US Mistakes after 9/11? is written by Ray McGovern, retired CIA analyst, and What We Get Wrong About Yemen (26/03/2015) by Adam Baron, a visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations. He was based in Yemen from 2011-2014.

pdxjustice Media Productions is an independent producer of video and audio programming for community radio, public access cable television and free on-demand streaming via the internet. Based in Portland, Oregon, pdxjustice is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to community education on, discussion of and active engagement with the many urgent social justice issues facing the world today. pdxjustice Media Productions was founded in February 2004 by William Seaman, the chief volunteer producer for the organization.

CounterPunch is another left-wing American newssite. Here you can read for instance an interview by Eric Bailey of Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives with Noam Chomsky on Obama’s Human Rights Record under the title "Nothing Can Justify Torture".
Why Obama is Declaring War on Syria by Franklin Lamb also was published in "Foreign Policy Journal", an online publication dedicated to providing critical analysis of U.S. foreign policy outside of the standard framework offered by political officials and the mainstream corporate media.

The Progressive is a monthly leftwing magazine of investigative reporting, political commentary, cultural coverage, activism, interviews, poetry, and humor.
Read for instance What You Need to Know About the Egyptian Crisis by Bill Fletcher Jr, an outstanding American socialist and scholar. You read more about him here.

ThisCantBeHappening.net was founded in 2004 as a blog by Dave Lindorff in a quixotic one-man effort to afflict the powerful. As the site gained recognition and readers, Dave realized that it would take more than one journalist to cause any significant degree of affliction. He approached three long-time friends, political comrades and colleagues -- John Grant, Linn Washington and Charles M. Young -- and asked if they would be interested in joining him to found a news collective, thus multiplying the site's afflictive power by 300%. Of course, others followed later giving as result another great American political site.
A few articles as teaser:
- Snowden, Trapped in Moscow Airport by US, Makes Formal Bid for Russia Asylum (with as subtitle "Was this perhaps really the goal?") by Dave Lindorff. I'm afraid Dave is right in this article, but I'll be very happy if future will prove he is wrong, just like he will be.
- Acquittal of Zimmerman Reminds (Again) that Racism Persists by Linn Washington, Jr.

Information Clearing House is the initiative of one person collecting news "not for profit, but for global justice". His interesting selection attracts a lot of readers. As example I want to mention Washington Thinks You Are Stupid by Paul Craig Roberts. You can find the original version of this article on the site of the author. Read also Three Israeli Settlers And The The Searing Hypocrisy of the West by Susan Abulhawa.

There are much more interesting sites based in the USA. I mention a few more:
- Truthdig - Read here for instance How the Brutalized Become Brutal by Chris Hedges. But there is many, many other interesting stuff.
- OpEdNews is a United States-based progressive, antiwar, activist news and opinion website founded by Rob Kall in 2003.