The troll as internet censor

I have to admit this is old news. I even didn't hear about Kathy Sierra before today, but I'm really shocked after reading what happened to her in 2007. She is woman, technologist and successful. Reason enough for macho men with little brains to harass her inclusive death threats, publishing her social security number and false account of her career. Cowardly to the end, all this is done anonymously.

Result of this all: a lot of personal pain and an end to her right of free expression and a poorer internet. On the other hand a very sick or fascist mind glorified.

Creating passionate users is the name of her blog (stopped through censorship by trolls in april 2007)

The Trolls Among Us: a good investigative article By Mattathias Schwartz in The New York Times (August 3, 2008)

Where in the World is Kathy Sierra? -- Or, the best tech writing blogger ever: from David Barnes blog