Using the net

The Internet, invented to connect computer networks, has evolved to a system connecting billions of devices and their users. It was all triggerd by the development of the "word wide web".

The purpose of this section is to explore as far as possible the possibilities of this giant network and to catalog them, so we can make use of them as efficiently as possible. We'll talk also about the devices and their software we can use to access this network.

I write short pieces, which I will adapt when new facts and new possibilities arise. Maybe a real book grows out of this all. Who knows? I'll try to get some structure in it anyhow.

I'm not writing about the actual structure and technical operation of the Internet. For that I can recommend two magnificent courses:
- Internet History, Technology, and Security by Charles Severance of the University of Michigan. This is really an easy-going introduction course. I regret the videos of the session I followed aren't public. I only can say: don't miss the next session.
- An Introduction to Computer Networks by Nick McKeown and Nick McKeown of Stanford University; a more technical course, which asks a bit more of your time and your efforts. I'm afraid you have to wait also for a new session here. It will be anounced on Class2Go of Stanford University

Oh yes, these courses are all for free. I forgot to say, this site is actually for people with no or little financial resources.