Waxdolls - music video banned from YouTube and other video sites

According to YouTube and Vimeo, the video clip celebrating the new single 'Dingeling King' of the Belgian duo "Waxdolls" is too spicy for the surfing fellowmen. After less than two hours, the clips were already removed from these sites because of violating their "policy in terms of nudity and sexual content".

At Dailymotion the censored version of the clip is banned for people under 18 years.

On the site of Studio Brussel, part of the VRT, the Dutch public broadcasting company in Belgium, everyone can enjoy the uncensored version. Below this version:



Of course, you can also view the video at the site of the Waxdolls. When will we have a serious European alternative to YouTube and Facebook, so we can get rid of their puritanical censorship? I kept for a short period a list of some victims of the Facebook censorship. It was impressive: from the family magazine "Humo" and "Studio Brussel" to pages of a self-help group for women with breast cancer and a support group for homeless people.

Another example: In February 2011, the faceboook profile page of the Danish artist Frode Steinicke was taken offline because of the painting "L'origine du monde" by Gustave Courbet (1819-1877) was on it. This is a work that is part of the French national heritage.

Meanwhile, for those curious about how the guys of Waxdolls look like in reality here is a YouTube (!) video where they play live on Studio Brussel: