Rop Gonggrijp, Wikileaks and Americans in Iraq

In the Netherlands Rop Gonggrijp is best well as computer and Internet specialist. He was co-founder of XS4ALL, which was - to my knowledge - the first successful Internet provider in the Netherlands. He is also a longstanding advocate of privacy and civil rights, especially in the digital world. In January 2011 he got the worrying news that the U.S. authorities demanded Twitter all data about him in connection with their witch hunt against Wikileaks. The cause of this was the fact he helped to realise  the video "Collateral Damage" in april 2010. This shocking video shows the practice of U.S. troops in Baghdad on a summer day in 2007. Here you can view this video:

The Dutch language version of this little article contains a television interview with Rop Gonggrijp where he explains a bit the background of this all. Meanwhile, Rop appealed the demand  by the American authorities. You can find more about it at, the personal blog of Rop Gonggrijp (in English). Search on "wikileaks" inside this blog to find all relevant articles. If you are interested in more you can start by reading the Wikipedia aritcle about him.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir, a MP from Iceland, has the same Wikileaks problems.