internet freedom and censorship

About Cory Doctorow and the Chaos Computer Club

Cory Doctorow is a web celebrity, so I'm sure his name is well know to you (otherwise: don't be ashamed and take a quick view to wikipedia). He calls himself in the first place a science fiction novelist. His novels are simultaneously released on paper as books you can buy on the book shop and on the Internet under Creative Commons licenses that encourage their re-use and sharing, a move that increases his sales by enlisting his readers to help promote his work.


Waxdolls - music video banned from YouTube and other video sites

According to YouTube and Vimeo, the video clip celebrating the new single 'Dingeling King' of the Belgian duo "Waxdolls" is too spicy for the surfing fellowmen. After less than two hours, the clips were already removed of these sites because of violating their "policy in terms of nudity and sexual content. "

At Dailymotion the censored version of the clip is banned for people under 18 years.


Rop Gonggrijp, Wikileaks and Americans in Iraq

In the Netherlands Rop Gonggrijp is best well as computer and Internet specialist. He was co-founder of XS4ALL, which was - to my knowledge - the first successful Internet provider in the Netherlands. He is also a longstanding advocate of privacy and civil rights, especially in the digital world. In January 2011 he got the worrying news that the U.S. authorities demanded Twitter all data about him in connection with their witch hunt against Wikileaks. The cause of this was the fact he helped to realise  the video "Collateral Damage" in april 2010.


The troll as internet censor

I have to admit this is old news. I even didn't hear about Kathy Sierra before today, but I'm really shocked after reading what happened to her in 2007. She is woman, technologist and successful. Reason enough for macho men with little brains to harass her inclusive death threats, publishing her social security number and false account of her career. Cowardly to the end, all this is done anonymously.


The entertainment industry: a Murdoch scenario?

is article, written in October 2010, is perhaps even more topical now than then. Though we have to mention that e-thesis is now back online and that initiatives such as spotify, grooveshark and others have soften the musical mode, the situation in other areas had been worsening.

Concerning Rupert Murdoch: he brought himself in the news on a very spectacular way.


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